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CU WealthNext
Shaping the Future of Financial Empowerment
At CU WealthNext, our mission is clear: to be a 100% credit union-owned, nationally branded, all-in-one investment platform. As a CUSO holding company, we specialize in strategic investments and partnerships with leading wealthtech providers.
About Us
Empowering Financial Future
For every investor
CU WealthNext is your gateway to financial empowerment, designed for credit union members ready to take control of their financial future. Whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking self-directed options or someone looking for the convenience of automated investing, CU WealthNext, as a CUSO holding company, ensures that our offering delivers unparalleled solutions.
Core Values
BUILT For Credit Unions By Credit Unions
We are a team of experienced Credit Union  professionals possessing a deep understanding of the financial industry, regulatory landscape and the most impactful technologies.  We are built by credit unions and for credit unions, our core values are rooted in collaboration and community. CU WealthNext is led by industry experts, former credit union executives who have successfully built businesses both inside and outside the credit union industry.
Versatile Solutions
Affordable Excellence
Credit Union Centric Design
Bring it Home
Bring the best and lowest-cost all-in-one investment solution to your members with CU WealthNext. As a CUSO holding company,  we empower credit unions to elevate their offerings,  so members don’t have to seek these solutions elsewhere. The message is clear: “Bring it home” with CU WealthNext, ensuring that financial excellence stays within your credit union community.
Versatile Solutions

CU WealthNext’s modular, financial solution allows credit unions to choose self-directed or automated investing options based on their unique preferences.

Affordable Excellence

Our commitment to credit unions is reflected in our affordable pricing, ensuring that our offering remains the best and most cost-effective all-in-one investment solution.

Centric Design

We are uniquely positioned to understand and cater to the needs of credit unions, providing solutions that resonate with your institution’s values and principles.

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